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Book Review: Farmer Duck

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Author: Martin Waddell and Helen Oxenbury.

Rating: smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


About the Book: It was all about a Farmer, a Duck, a cow, some sheep and some hens. The farmer was lazy, he ate chocolate and stayed in bed. The animals went into the house and lifted the bed and flipped it over. The farmer woke up and ran out of the house and never came back. I liked this book but the duck was very poor.

Book Review: Paddington the movie storybook

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This book was about a bear called Paddington, a Mum called Mary, a Dad called Henry, a girl called Judy and a boy called Jonathan. There was a museum worker called Millicent, who kidnapped Paddington. At the end the Paddington got Vacuum cleaners and went up a heating shaft and got to the roof where the family rescued him. I thought this book was scary but i liked the characters.

Book Review: We're going on a bear hunt.

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Author: Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury.

Rating: heartheartheartheartheart


This book is suitable for young children.

This book was about a baby, a Dad a Mum, a boy and a girl. They were going on a bear hunt. They went through mud, a forest, a snowstorm and a cave. In the cave they saw a bear and got very frightened. I really like this book but it was scary. I really like the rhythm of this book,i learnt it in Nursery.

Book Review: Mystery Tour (Funnybones)

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Author: Allan Ahlberg and Andre Amstutz

Rated:  heartheartheartheartheart


This book was about three skeletons (big, little and dog skeletons). They went on a Mystery tour and found a baby in a cot, teddy in a tent,black cat on a roof,a bag of bones that was actually a parrot. There was a Ghost on the train and they thought it would take all night to find their car, but it wasn't there and they couldn't find it. I liked this book it was very funny.


Book Review: Horrid Henry's Dinosaur Facts

Horrid Henry's Dinosaurs (A Horrid Factbook)


Author: Francesca Simon

Rated:  heartheartheartheartheart


This book is about dinosaur facts. I liked the book alot. I liked these facts the best:

  • The biggest best-preserved T-rex skeleton has been nicknamed "Sue" after the woman who discovered her. 
  • Stegasaurus means roofed reptile.
  • Pentaceratops means five horned head. Like a pentagon.
  • Triceratops means three horned face.
  • Deinonychus means "terrible claw"
  • Veloceraptor means "speedy thief"
  • TRex means "tyrant lizard".

This book was great! We learn about dinosaurs in year 1.


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